Within an ecosystem...

There are professionals searching for customers…
...and residents or passing-by customers who need a service or a product.
Professionals and customers don't know each other at the beginning… How can they get in touch and communicate then?
The best way to do so is to create interaction between the professional and the customer through a card -i.e. the “keep in touch”.
In order to manage the cards management program and the communication with the holders, Adelya offers an all-in-one solution “in the Cloud”.
So as to take benefit of it, the professional just need a connected device (personal computer, tablets, electronic payment terminal…) to access to the applications.
The card can take various forms and technologies (NFC, bar code, QR code, be dematerialized on mobile phone…)
Once signed in, the customer can access to every essential piece of information (localization, the last good deals, loyalty status…) through the Internet-both fix and mobile. It is intended to make him want to come to the point-of-sale: i.e. the “Web-to-store”.
In this way, the professional is able to liven up its site both web and mobile-and communicate with its customers (via email, text messages...)
When the customer come in the shop, thanks to his card he is identified at once! The professional has a real time vision of the current right of the customer and his purchase history.
As the relationship is entirely personalized and secured, it allows the company to both know and make the customer loyal. A satisfied customer is the key towards a successful word of mouth.

How it works?

Loyalty, Customer relationship, Multimodal marketing
SaaS, multi-device, contactless, interoperability


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