Not all your customers have the same expectations or the same buying behaviour. It is precisely through segmentation and the use of your data that you develop your customer knowledge and ensure that certain consumption habits emerge from it.

Adelya’s CRM collects and cross-references many types of data in order to determine several customer profiles, including the regular ones, the volatile ones, the inactive ones and the high-end ones, amongst others. This information is converted into diagrams and tables, delivering a comprehensive overview of your activities and customer typologies.


On Loyalty Operator, you can create homogeneous groups that serve, for example, to precisely target an e-mail or SMS campaign.

  • On the simplified filter interface, you can quickly create a target, for example, customers between 20 and 30 years of age who have not been in the stores for one month
    On the advanced filter interface, you can make the most of your qualified database, for example, with prospects over 35 years of age with a loyalty card for 3 months and which have used the checkout more than 10 times in May

You have many criteria available for segmenting your customer base according to:

Their profile

  • geographical distribution
  • age, gender
  • customer’s recency
  • any information provided during registration

Their behaviour

  • generated revenue
  • behaviour and purchase frequency
  • email open rate
  • use of a coupon


Segmentation enables you to target your communications and marketing promotions in order to reach a specific segment of your customer base. By addressing a homogeneous target, you can send the right message and optimise the effectiveness of your actions.

On the Loyalty Operator platform, you can create any type of segment by filtering, for example, customers that…

  • have made at least 4 purchases in the last 3 months
  • live within a radius of 30 km
  • have generated more than €150 of revenue
  • have not used a given coupon
  • have read a specific campaign
Segmentation allows you to conduct marketing analysis
The business owner segments his customer base to better target his marketing actions


The segmentation of your customers enables you to give more weight to your actions. For example, a promotional campaign targeted only at customers who have not recently made a purchase will be more effective. By isolating each customer segment, you get to know them and can respond more effectively to their needs.


Predefined segments

to create your first segments and to easily begin your segmentation

An advanced filter interface

to deepen your targeting, to adapt it to your activities and to give greater impetus to your communications


Filters that can be used across the entire platform

Be it for satisfaction surveys, special deals or SMS, the filters enable you to precisely target all your actions

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