A loyal customer sponsors a loved one to the loyalty program sponsors


Encourage your customers to recommend you to their social circle and reward everyone’s activities!

Paul, who is a loyal customer of a store, invites his brother John to join his loyalty program.
Once registered, John earns a €5 voucher while Paul’s account is credited with 50 points.

The referrer as well as the referee are both rewarded, while the retailer gains an additional loyal customer – everyone wins! The entire process is managed through the Loyalty Operator platform; you simply have to decide on the rewards to be awarded.

90% of consumers take the opinion of others in their social circlea into account in their purchasing behaviour

exemple d'e-mail de parrainage


Referrals are an effective marketing technique since they combine customer acquisition with their retention.

Customers that are already impressed with your brand become your ambassadors, gladly recommending you to their entourage, with their role as advocates making them effective promoters. Their enthusiasm and credibility facilitate the recruitment of new members.

With the Loyalty Operator relational marketing platform, your referral program is implemented via the automation of the emails sent to both parties:

« Thank you for registering, John! Don’t hesitate in taking advantage of your welcome offer – a €5 voucher! » 
« Paul, John has just signed up for the loyalty program. 50 points have been credited to your account for this new referral! »

exemple d'e-mail de parrainage
Shopkeeper rewarding a client for sponsoring a loved one


  • Customers: your customers bring you customers who then invite new ones themselves, for a guaranteed snowball effect!
  • Ambassadors: the more your customers refer others, the more prizes they earn, which in turn grows their preference for your brand
  • Savings: this prospecting technique costs you little while gaining you a lot; you reduce your acquisition costs thanks to your already loyal customers


You reward the referrer and/or the referee, and can set up a pay-per-step system

In his/her personal area, the referrer can find all the members he/she has referred as well as the rewards earned

Registration is omni-channel (email/online form/retail outlet/etc.), with the referee just having to give the referrer’s code!

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