Physical and / or Digital Cards

Relation client de proximité

The physical loyalty card,
a link between merchant and customer

The physical loyalty card continues to prove itself! It materializes the bond of trust between the merchant and his customers, and displays the colors of his brand. Equipped with an NFC chip, a barcode or a QR code, the physical card allows you to identify yourself at the point of sale using contactless technology.

The dematerialized loyalty card, for an interactive customer relationship

The “online” card never leaves the consumer; integrated into their smartphone, they cannot be forgotten or lost. It allows you to quickly identify yourself at checkout, by QR code or barcode.

The dematerialized loyalty card can be integrated into a Brand’s mobile application or be hosted on a Loyalty card holder/Wallet type application. The dematerialization of the card brings added value to the service: its holder can consult his balance of points, follow the good deals of the moment, geolocate his favorite points of sale…

Like the loyalty card, the City Pass can of course be dematerialized and integrated into an application!

 You don’t want to associate a card with your loyalty program?

It’s possible ! Our application also allows identification at the checkout simply by giving the merchant his first and last name. Moreover, this mode of identification is combined with the previous ones.

Adelya’s Pros

icone identification

Book a personalized welcome

When a customer identifies himself with his loyalty card, his customer file automatically appears on your checkout screen.

icone cartes

Give your customers choice

Offer them a physical loyalty card or a dematerialized card on a mobile application, at their convenience!

icone personnalisation

Personalize the card in your colors

And entrust us with the production of the visual for a unique and professional rendering!


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