Whether you use a cash register system, a tablet or payment terminal,
Loyalty Operator can be adapted to your environment

Adelya, une plateforme performante sur tous les supports


To meet the growing variety of devices, the platform can be accessed from any type of screen:

  • PC
  • Cash register system
  • Tablet
  • Interactive terminal
  • Smartphone
  • Payment terminal (TPE)

An Internet connection is all you need to access it

Do you want a “seamless” experience for your salespeople? Our documented API enables the integration of Loyalty Operator directly into your cash register system.


With ADELYA, you can reach customers in many ways:

  • Responsive modules that can be integrated into your website
  • Mobile app with push notification
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Postal mail
Loyalty Operator est accessible depuis un ordinateur, une tablette ou un smartphone

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