An all-in-one B2B2C loyalty solution for creating a complete ecosystem
between the centre, retail outlets and consumers

centres commerciaux


In order to target/reward consumers based on the total value of their baskets and to promote additional sales, loyalty programmess have become an essential tool for shopping centres. They enable you to collect qualified customer data, and then to adapt your offering and increase your footfall!

By building a fun, interactive, simple and rich customised customer relationship, you develop an ecosystem the promotion of which becomes a source of traffic and sales.

However, you are also conscious of the need to manage a heterogeneous environment in which the retail outlets all have different equipment.

Outlets in a shopping center


For the shopping centre

The Adelya Loyalty Operator solution provides you with effective and unified tools to learn about consumers and win new ones.

  • Build a qualified database: loyalty programme, loyalty card, gift card
  • Surprise your customers with fun activities: contests, challenges and lotteries
  • Maintain a close relationship across all channels: automatic email and SMS / marketing automation, satisfaction survey, social networks
  • Analyse your performance: CRM, KPI tracking, analysis and segmentation tools
  • Orchestrate the entire centre with distributed marketing: emailing templates, predefined targets, internal notifications, shared calendars
Interface card de la plateforme Adelya

For retail outlets:

An interface designed for a personalised customer welcome

  • Customer registration in the retail outlet, online or via tablet in the centre
  • Customer identification at the checkout
  • Benefit management and assignment of loyalty points
  • Integration with any checkout system through our documented API
  • Dedicated device for retailers that do not want integration
Interface card de la plateforme Adelya
Exemple de module clic and collect

For shopping centre customers

Consumer visits that develop a preference for the centre and encourage them to regularly return.

  • A store locator and customer reviews to promote the retail outlets and guide consumers in store
  • Targeted deals and special offers sent at the right time (reward, inactivity, etc.)
  • A gift catalogue for rewarding the most loyal members
  • Click & Collect for providing a new shopping experience
  • Enrichment of the personal data by the customers themselves in their own personal customer area

…with everything on the web or mobile site!


  • An architecture that is both centralised and local, while taking into account your partners and enabling the assignment of rights and permissions
  • Technologies that enable the consumer purchasing process to be tracked and which automate the relationship cycle
  • Automated weekly and monthly reports detailing activities by retail outlet and allowing for an overview of the shopping centre (RFM analysis)
  • A website and mobile app that enable cardholders to sign up, view their benefits and modify their data
  • All types of programmes:
    • Programme at the centre’s and/or the individual store’s level
    • Points, stamps, cash-back, membership tiers, etc.
Mall customer using the mobile app

GDPR: Adelya is your reliable partner for the processing of data

Driven by a “Permission Marketing” approach, our platform respects your customers’ data (proof of consent, pseudonymisation, security/archiving and deletion)

We provide you with documentation to ensure full compliance with the new regulation:

  • Customisable opt-in confirmation campaign template
  • Data usage policy that can be modified and enhanced
  • Unsubscribe confirmation page

Adelya advises and supports you

Adelya has been designing, configuring and deploying loyalty and promotions solutions for all types of organisations for more than 10 years. We make it a point of honour to establish a relationship based on trust and proximity, and support you from when your needs and objectives are defined. The implementation of the project is done using a rigorous and proven methodology, ensuring your project is both secure and fully under control! Once the programme has been launched, our teams remain at your disposal with personalised follow-up.

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