The Adelya Loyalty Operator solution is suitable for all types of store networks, including franchises, dealerships, branches, etc. It can be configured to meet the specific characteristics of your business and organisation. With its fun and original promotional features, it will delight your customers while simplifying your relational marketing!

You want to change provider and evolve your loyalty program? Our platform ensures the continuity of your existing program quickly and efficiently. Ask your program to meet your new ambitions… Challenge us!


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For HQ, a comprehensive back-office for running the overall programme and managing the network

For salespersons, a modern clienteling interface that can be integrated into any cash register system

For consumers, web and mobile modules that will make their lives – and purchases – easier!


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Develop preferences for your brand

  • A tailormade loyalty programme
  • A loyalty card, either physical or digital, in your brand colours, which can be used online or in store
  • A gift card for making your customers and their social circles happy
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Gamify your programme and surprise your community

  • Challenges for engaging with your customers
  • Lotteries to motivate them while entertaining them
  • Satisfaction surveys to improve the customer experience
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Be omnichannel and active across all channels

  • A mobile app so that your customers always have you to hand
  • A Click & Collect scheme to digitalise the customer experience and increase your sales
  • Integration into social networks to encourage its viral potential and to reward your customers’ commitment

Optimise your relational marketing with our CRM

  • Collection and centralisation of customer data for a 360° and cross-channel overview of your customers
  • Statistics and segmentation tools to track and analyse purchasing behaviour
  • Multichannel and automated communications for reacting to the customer lifecycle in real time
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Orchestrate your network with distributed marketing

  • Ready-to-use communication kits (email templates, pre-recorded targeting, etc.) for your retail outlets
  • Be it for an administrator, manager or salesperson, roles and permissions can be clearly assigned to each one
  • Unlimited number of users


A mobile app to drive consumers to the retail outlet

Store locator


Loyalty points

Special deals

Customer reviews


Make an appointment

Private sales


Gift catalogue


Grow your sales without having to worry about technical constraints

Loyalty Operator was designed to be adaptable to any type of technology and interface. Whatever kind of heterogeneous network you have and whatever its specific characteristics, our platform can be adapted to your project.

  • To use all your tools, an Internet connection is all you need
  • The platform can be accessed from the device of your choice, including a PC, tablet and smartphone
  • It has an API that can be connected to your checkout system, your e-commerce website, your mobile app, etc.
  • It is a long-term tool that is upgraded three times a year, together with new features and without any additional fees

Is your network continuously growing and changing? No problem! Your platform is scalable, with options to add more retail outlets, change responsibilities and customise reports, amongst others, Loyalty Operator grows and changes with you!

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GDPR: Adelya is your reliable partner for the processing of data

Be it data processing, anonymisation or proof of consent, amongst others, the platform complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new regulation reflects a “permission marketing” approach that Adelya has always favoured, serving to facilitate a trust-based relationship between retailers and their customers.

A project firmly under control

Adelya has been designing, configuring and deploying solutions for its customers for more than 10 years. Our team will support you throughout your project. From the development of your relational strategy through to its deployment, we will be by your side to provide you with our product expertise and field experience, with our key objective being the enhancement your project.

With our effective and proven methodology, we can ensure your project is both secure and fully under control!

  • Design: in the early stages of the project, our customer relationship experts are at your disposal to support you in your thought processes and to define your needs
  • Implementation: during the implementation phase, the project manager will be your principal contact.
  • Operation: you are not alone! You will have access to technical support and will be able to choose custom support from our customer service department.


Combine your e-commerce with the platform

Loyalty Operator automatically syncs with your Prestashop e-commerce website, and vice versa! Connect the platform to your website and reward your customers for their web and mobile purchases.

  • Purchase history
  • Loyalty account update
  • Coupon usage

The Prestashop module is ready to go, with easy integration via the API.

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Adopt an omnichannel strategy with our web modules

  • Ready-to-use and customisable web-to-store modules that are integrated into your website
  • From login, registration for the loyalty programme and the newsletter, through to useful store information, tracking points and rewards, as well as a gift catalogue, amongst so much more – everything required for your customers to engage with you in store!
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V and B loyalty program: friendliness and sharing

Learn more about the TRIBU V and B loyalty program :
50% cellar, 50% bar, 100% VandB !

A beef loyalty programme for Movida

My Movida: a mobile app for encouraging
members with challenges for rewarding participation

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