The shop owner draws a winner among its clients


The Loyalty Operator platform enables you to organise a lottery in just a few clicks, making it very easy to add a fun dimension to your loyalty program!

You can create a draw among the members of your customer base, selected according to the criteria of your choice, and then reward the winner with a prize. The winner is notified via an email inviting him/her to claim the reward in store!

Chemin de fer de la loterie


A draw stimulates a desire to play, providing you with an opportunity to reach customers that are receptive to such entertainment.
You can diversify your program by moving from the transactional to the relational. More original than a traditional promotion, this type of promotion allows you to stand out from the competition while surprising your customers. It is also a good strategy for reactivating customers that have been inactive for some time!

A lottery can be successfully combined with challenges, another type of promotion that will surprise your customers, and which is also available on Loyalty Operator!

The lottery drives the loyalty program and surprises customers

Give free rein to your imagination to surprise your customers!

  • Advertise a new product: to promote a product, set up a lottery with the product in question as the prize!
    Leverage your most loyal customers: once a month, hold a lottery for customers that have used the checkout more than four times
  • Encourage reviews: do you want to perform a satisfaction survey with your customers? To encourage them to contribute, simultaneously organise a lottery that is reserved for those who answered the survey
  • Get inspiration from the high points of the year: organise a special Christmas lottery, one for Mother’s Day or for back-to-school. There are a multitude of promotional possibilities for your customers!
A shopkeeper organizes a lottery to animate his customers


Additional sales: invite the winners of the draw to claim their prize in store and offer them other products

Visibility: lotteries are conducive to virality; your customers will talk about your promotion to their social circle and on social networks

A thriving customer relationship: build on the high points of the year and share each lottery with your customers in order to make it a success!


Target whoever you want

Do you want to implement a lottery with a very specific customer sample? Our targeting tool enables you to segment your database according to specific criteria

Vary the lotteries!

You can organise one-off or regular lotteries, for example, once a month amongst new members or your most loyal customers

Announce the good news!

Once the draw has been done, an email in your brand colours is sent to the winners inviting them to claim their prize in store

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