When customers go to the checkout, this presents a special opportunity for capturing their attention and building loyalty. Capitalise on it and give your customer relationships an interactive dimension!

The Loyalty Operator relational marketing platform combines the latest communication and interaction technologies to create and maintain this “interactive relationship” with your customers.


Identification at the checkout: for an individualised customer relationship

If physical stores are still resistant to e-commerce, it is due to the fact that consumers appreciate their human side, can test the products and get advice from a salesperson who already knows the most loyal customers’ tastes.

Identifying your customers at the checkout fulfils the need for an individualised customer relationship: you can give them a personalised welcome, warn them if the prizes in their account are soon to expire, and wish them a happy birthday, amongst other things. You are in tune with the consumers’ new expectations, without having any technical complications!

Loyalty Operator is a multi-media platform. While at the checkout, consumers can identify themselves via

  • a physical loyalty card (NFC or QR code)
  • an NFC sticker, a smartphone (NFC and QR Code)
  • or simply by giving their name
  • Card-checkout-screen

Touch terminals: for an enhanced customer experience

Make the experience more lively with interactive kiosks: they attract the attention of customers with their playful and multimedia contents. While ensuring that messages are better remembered, the screens, with their snazzy visuals, are ideal for creating a need or triggering impulse buys through the promotion of products.

The terminals enable both the registration of new customers as well as the collection of answers to a satisfaction survey or a quiz. Consumers use it autonomously and are thus are more inclined to spontaneously communicate their personal data, with the terminals allowing for your customer database to be quickly and significantly enriched.


The mobile app: for facilitating the purchase journey

It gives access to many services

  • reserving special deals, products or services
  • geolocation of retail outlets
  • digital loyalty card enabling identification at the checkout

The app allows for push notifications to be sent that are consistent with the customer’s journey 

  • satisfaction survey following a purchase
  • reminder after a given period of inactivity
  • flash sale on a product range that he/she likes
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A customer scans the QR code of a product with his smartphone

QR codes and NFC tags

The principle is simple: you assign an action to a QR code or to an NFC tag, for example, to view a product sheet, like your Facebook page, or submit an online review, etc.

You then just have to put the sticker where you want for your customers. They only have to scan it with their smartphone to take advantage of the service.


Your customer relationships are more interactive, and therefore more dynamic. Given the trust, the customer is more open to your suggestions.

  • A promoted retail outlet: the screens draw attention to new products or current special deals, amongst other things. They arouse the curiosity of the consumers that have entered you retail outlet.
  • A qualified database: interactive technologies encourage consumers to share their data. Your customer database is enriched with data collected both online and in store

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