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Some examples of Pass Tourisme: Nice
Some examples of Pass Tourisme: Nice

At a time when the offer given to visitors is becoming more diverse and is constantly modernizing, it is important to have tools that are able to encourage the tourist consumption. The Pass Tourisme is one of them. By selling a benefit and advantage package to visitors, you encourage them to benefit even more from their holiday and, in this way, you boost your business/tourist ecosystem.

Adopt the Pass Tourisme ADELYA!

Adelya has developed a solution for the Tourism industry:

 Modular: Several types of pass, whose content can be varied and contain temporary offer

Communicative: Automatic sending of emails/questionnaires and SMS in order to ensure a real regional marketing to visitors

With different possible types of identification: In particular barcode, QR Code, NFC…

Create a great diversity of Pass

  • With help of Adelya, create Leisure Pass (for the tourists passing through), Ambassador Pass (for the residents of the city), Congress Pass… Implement a reseller network (hotels, partners of the Pass…), in order to increase the distribution of your Pass.
  • Simplify and secure the use of the Pass, increase visits and sales, while reducing management costs and time!

Multiple options are available and we are here to help you in implementing a solution adapted to your needs.

A strong solution available to everyone

  • A tool that is easy and fast to install, handy (accessible through the Internet, thus no difficult installation)
  • Real-time statistics, to follow the lifetime of the Pass and to ease the billing with your partners
  • Mobile applications
    • Validation, for the providers of the Pass in mobile environments
    • Companion, for the visitors in order to optimize their Pass experience

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They are trusting us

  • «At the call for tenders for the implementation of the Pass’Ardèche Card carried by our structure to the specificationsof the local government, the choice of the ADELYA company resonated with us: responsiveness, clarity in the response and especially adjustment of the offers depending on our projects.»

    Guillaume ARGAUD - Chairman

    Ardêche Leisure and Heritage

  • «A remarkable system, ADELYA has immediately deployed the necessary resources for the implementation of our Pass #provenceaixperience, in record time. We highlight the availability, the responsiveness and the professionalism of the technicians and engineers who created our Pass. The follow-up and the assistance are also noticable since the operational use, which is very valuable for the field teams.»

    Pascale MAUREL - Deputy Director

    Tourist Office in Aix-en-Provence

  • «In addition to native mobile technology and NFC, the platform of ADELYA allows us to easily define the promotional, cultural and offered benefits»

    Maxime TISSOT - Director

    Tourist and Congress Office in Marseille

How it works?

Loyalty, Customer relationship, Multimodal marketing
SaaS, multi-device, contactless, interoperability


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