A necessity: Revitalizing the territory in general and especially the city center

Faced with competition from e-commerce and hypermarkets, city centers need modern and accessible tools in order to liven up local commerce and to compete with them on equal terms.

In order to avoid isolation and random traffic, the question of “how to attract new customers, how to stimulate my customers, how to make them loyal…?” arises, in a context where the consumer:

  •  Tends to be influenced by large chains, big supermarkets or e-commerce sites and ignores the fact that he has nearby, the offers that suit him, with advice and a friendly face too!
  • is part of several catchment areas-therefore, it is  difficult to make an impression on him without communication and information.

ADELYA: A ready-to-use solution for revitalizing city centers

ADELYA is a complete web platform that allows your territory to:

  • TO RECRUIT: by building a customer database.
  • TO MAKE LOYAL: with a program that generates traffic and allows to work on what the average basket looks like by rewarding the customers.
  • ENLIVEN: with targeted communication (email, SMS) in order to develop the relation with your actual and potential clients.
  • BE VISIBLE: due to Web and Mobile portals in the colors of your city (store locator, follow-up of the loyalty program, issue of good deals…).

Through a loyalty program that suits you (collective and/or individual loyalty, based on points or a jackpot) and a loyalty card in the colors of your city, you can make each citizen an ambassador, committed to the local economic well-being of the area and you encourage the pride/preference in the territory.

Loyalty Operator: A technically advanced platform that is yet simple to use

With ADELYA, you are choosing an “all-in-one” solution for making clients loyal and establishing a relationship with them:

  • Affordable and easy to deploy (SaaS mode – no need to install complicated  software!).
  • Adapted to all types of businesses and organizations.
  • To supports mobile and contactless technologies (NFC, QR Code…).
  • Allowing people to get connected in different ways (PC, cash register PC, tablet or smartphone Android, payment terminal).

But ADELYA also means receiving services to guide you in your approach:

  • Validation of the affordable model (assistance in the preparation of the business model, arguments for merchants, support in negotiation…).
  • Integration of the GMS in the affordable model (analysis of the GMSs existing in the economic fabric, business model associated to the GMS, follow-up of the operations’ file dossier…).
  • Support in the implementation of the program (assistance with the launching, follow-up of the operations…).

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They are trusting us

  • «Reliable and fast to put in place, ADELYA Loyalty Operator was recommended to us by the CCI of Alsace in order to modernize our program of collective loyalty. The retailers can organize raffles or set up a system of winning credits in order to galvanise their customer relationship. The inhabitants also quickly adopted the card, since in 2 months 2 000 customers already own it!»

    Geneviève LEJEUNE - Responsible for Development


  • «We have chosen to implement a collective card based on individual loyalty, specific to each business. Each merchant is free to choose his program and to customize it as he wishes. In this way everyone creates their own client base and acts according to its business strategy. After 10 months of operation, 40 merchants have joint this program and more than 5,000 cards have been created.»

    Aurélie GIGUET - Responsible for Mission

    Cluses la Commerçante

How it works?

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SaaS, multi-device, contactless, interoperability


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