Would you like to increase the attractiveness of your commercial galleries and boost your visitation?

In order to target/to reward shoppers based on their shopping basket and to encourage the additional sales, the loyalty programs have become a vital tool for shopping centers.

By building a customer relation that is fun, interactive, simple,rich and at the same time, customized… you can develop an ecosystem where the entertainment is a source of traffic and sales.

However, you are aware of the need for managing a heterogeneous environment in which all points of sale have different equipment.

Implement the Loyalty Operator and propose a new visitor experience!

The Adelya Loyalty Operator solution provides you with efficient and unified tools in order to get to know your visitors and to attract new ones. The platform allows you to welcome your clients, to keep your center alive with entertainment and make your customers loyal.

With the help of the Adelya solution you can:

  • FORM a community of members and  get to know their preferences.
  • ENCOURAGE the commitment and develop the feeling of closeness.
  • MARK your differences and fix your values.
  • CREATE a connection with clients and potential ones.
  • LIVEN UP the center and its catchment area, for a festive management.

An all-in-one platform to develop the get to know preferences and let shops grow

A SaaS solution that adapts to all distribution systems, by offering numerous functions: procurement and management of clients’ data, marketing campaigns, loyalty programs,  living up of the center, competitions, satisfaction surveys, creation and distribution of offers/good deals…

An unique platform adapted to YOUR needs in order to encourage commitment in your center:

  • All types of program:
    • Center-level program and/or individual level per store
    • Points, buffers, cash-back, levels of members, etc.
  • Multi-channel: SMS, email, post, social networks
  • Multi-support: pay station PC, computers, tablets, smartphones, payment terminals, etc.
  • Adapted to all types of businesses: independent stores, franchises, branches…
  • …and all types of activity: sale of goods or services, catering, culture, entertainment, etc.
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They are trusting us

  • «In order to strengthen its customer relations, LeClub Golf has developed marketing automation and automatic campaigns via the Loyalty Operator platform. Welcome message, birthday, confirmation of booking ... These emails ensure an effective and personalized interaction, participating in building a lasting relationship with customers.»

    Cédric PLESSIS - Responsible for Marketing and Communication

    Le Club Golf

  • «We have selected ADELYA because it was the best combination ofinnovation, functionalities, intuitiveness and price. ADELYA Loyalty Operator loyalty platform opens us the doors to interactive, selected and customized loyalty. One of the key elements is in order to attract and encourage our various client bases in airports: passengers, employees, residents, companions»

    Virginie GAUTHIER - Responsible for Customer service and Commercial Promotions

    Lyon Airport

How it works?

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Discover the multiple possibilities of the Loyalty Operator solution.
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