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If loyalty programs are used by all brands, it’s because it has proven its reliability. A loyal customer is a customer that generates more income for your business. However, the big chains have resources and tools that are out of reach to independent merchants.

ADELYA has developed a solution specifically adapted to your demands, by putting the power of big distributors at the reach of local businesses!

Through a simple to use tool, you can create your own loyalty program and surprise your customers with innovative technology and attractive offers.

ADELYA Loyalty Operator, a powerful, simple and affordable platform, created for independent businesses

ADELYA provides you with an accessible on-line and all-in-one solution :

  • improve the visibility of your business on the Internet and mobile phones: web page of your business, registration form, loyalty space and good deals.
  • attract visitors in your store: registration form, sponsorship, virality.
  • make your customers loyal: automated loyalty program, automated and customizable communication
  • entertain your community: email/sms/post/good deals and surveys
  • analyze and structure your client base: customer knowledge filters and tools

You take control over the marketing of your business, with an automated solution that simplifies your work.

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