Create attractive emails

Create emails that look professional without needing technical skills

Reach your audience

Segment your customer database for accurate and effective targeting

Gestion de la communication

Automate your communications

Optimise your end-to-end relational marketing with marketing automation

Exemple of a relationship cycle


Get rid of time-consuming and repetitive tasks!
With Loyalty Operator, you can quickly create campaigns that are suitable for any kind of device.

Create professional emails with the intuitive EmailBuilder

An email in just 5 minutes? Drag and drop blocks of text and images, insert your content, and then change the colour and size to your liking. All without the need for any technical know-how!
Do you understand HTML? You can then enjoy total creative freedom. Upload your source code or create it directly in the editor.

The editor automatically optimises your creations, making them responsive so that they are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Short of time, or have blank page syndrome?

Whatever the context, our ready-to-use templates are there to inspire you!

  • customer behaviour: welcome, birthday, reminder, etc.
  • type of event: Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • profession: clothing, catering, etc.
Exemples de template de campagne e-mail

Target the right customers with ease

Segment your base, define your targets, save them, and change them as required. Then send them your promotions!

  • On the streamlined interface, you can define a target in just a few clicks, such as customers under 40 who have spent more than €100 in the last month
  • On the advanced interface, you can segment your database to take advantage of all its capabilities, for example, customers from 25 to 40 years of age that have made 2 purchases worth over €30 between January and May

Assess your performance in a flash

The email reports provide a detailed and real-time analysis of the results, including the delivery rate, open rate, click-throughs, reading media, unsubscribes, etc.


Work independently or
in collaborative mode

From the creation through to the dissemination of campaigns, a single person can manage all communications without the need for any technical skills!
You increase your productivity.

The platform also enables collaborative work, with each user, be it a marketer, graphic designer or editor, making his contribution.
You increase your agility.

Orchestrate your network
with distributed marketing

Make the retail outlets autonomous by streamlining the creation of emails. Provide them with ready-to-use communications kits:

  • Email templates that comply with your graphic charter
  • Library of reusable and editable blocks
  • Database of photographs and visuals

Your communications are orchestrated locally and harmonised at a national level!

Run it without any limitations!

  • Unlimited users: you can create as many accounts as you want, while multiple users can use the platform at the same time from multiple devices.
  • Unlimited emails: there are no constraints in terms of recipients, nor in the number and frequency of emails sent.


From prospects to ambassadors, plot the customer lifecycle

Don’t spam your customers anymore – use personalised communications in just the right amount! Solicit them at the right time with the right message by modelling the customer lifecycle (welcome, birthday or reminder message, etc.). Use the marketing calendar to anticipate their needs and to stimulate their desires!

Optimise your performance with marketing automation

You will be able to react to consumers’ behaviour in real time: you can maintain the pace and preserve the relationship on an ongoing basis with targeted messages.


At ADELYA, the protection of your data is of paramount importance. Your customers’ data is processed in compliance with the GDPR and securely stored on our robust platform. Also, as your partner when it comes to data, we support you in ensuring compliance with the new regulations.


Newsletters for informing your customers

Be it new products, an invitation to an event or the opening of a retail outlet, inform your customers about your latest news with a newsletter!

Surveys to optimise your services

Send a satisfaction survey to learn about your strengths and your areas for improvement, and adapt your offering to better meet your customers’ expectations

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Special deals to boost product sales

From flash and private sales through to promotions and special deals, implement one-off campaigns to attract consumers to the retail outlet!

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