Become our partner and offer a sustainable and all-in-one solution to your network

You have been conquered by the power and simplicity of our loyalty platform. You want to set up a reliable and sustainable agreement with ADELYA to use or to make use our technology. We offer three types of partnerships according to your goals and your corporate status.

Technology partner of CRM and customer loyalty software

Become a distributor

You are a company and you want to generate income by selling our product directly to your customers.

  • By launching an innovative marketing concept in your territory or your market ;
  • By launching an additional and complementary solution to your products or services ;
  • By integrating your solution into an existing service in order to improve it.

You are looking for a technology which is easy to administer, quick to set up and which suits your business strategy. You want to distribute the product under your brand while sparing the cost of research and development associated with this new offer.

Then become a distributor of the software Loyalty Operator with the assurance to propose a suitable solution for your customers.

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Discussion between Adelya and it's partners

Become a prescriber

You are,

  • An advertising or marketing agency, and you want to select an effective loyalty solution for your customers
  • An organization federating small traders and artisans, and you want your members to equip themselves with reliable tools to boost their customer relations
  • A big compagny or a trading name, and you want your network to enjoy an innovative loyalty and CRM concept, a concept that you have selected and validated for them and they can choose with confidence

Then become a prescriber of the software Loyalty Operator, tailored to both your market and your geographic area.

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Sponsor of an all-in-one loyalty solution

Become a simple sponsor

You are an Adelya’s customer, an independent local merchant or member of a network or group.

You are a satisfied user of Loyalty Operator, and you now want your professionnal network or your relatives to take also advantage of it.

Then become a sponsor of the software Loyalty Operator, ADELYA will thank you for linking by granted benefit and adapted to your own use of the solution.

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