By bringing together the latest technologies and making them accessible to all, our solution will make your day-to-day life easier while surprising your customers. Whether you are an independent retailer, a big-box retailer, a commercial organisation, a shopping centre or a tourism office, take advantage of the power of the Web, the convenience of mobile and the simplicity of contactless technology.

No need to combine multiple different tools as you have an all-in-one solution that saves you money, while having equal functionality. ADELYA Loyalty Operator is cheaper than any emailing solution. Furthermore, you have access to other promotional tools to maintain your relationship with consumers!

Web sites and mobile app

Your clients are permanently in touch with you

  • On the website
  • Using an app on their smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows)

Store locator

So that your clients know where to find you!

  • Localization of the points of sale with possible geo-tracking of the web user to map them in the clearest way
  • A mini-site for each store in order to improve your referencing and to provide the reader with the essentials to prepare for their visit

Mini site

Make yourself known, expose yourself!

  • Website to be visible to your current and potential new clients
  • Possibility to integrate our modules into your existing site

Good deals

Special offers and privileges for the members of your community

  • A page dedicated to goods planning on the Internet site
  • Management of the available stock
  • Booking coordinated with the client file in the back office

Wallet & advantages

A unique application to manage the loyalty on the whole of your network!

  • Choice of stores for which the client wants to join
  • Their loyalty status in each of these stores
  • Management of his personal data

Click & Collect

And your clients can order and book over the Internet

  • Catalogue of your products in an online store
  • Possibility to book over the Internet site and then pick up the products in store (giving you therefore possibilities for additional sales)

Schedules and Appointments

Let your clients register themselves to come to see you!

  • Management of planning

Customers opinions

Vox populi, vox dei!

  • Send an review request after each purchase…
  • …and let it be known that you are appreciated by your clients

PC, tablets and cash register systems

Whatever the configuration of your point of sale or the heterogeneity of your channels network, if you have an Internet connection, there is a way to get connected to your ADELYA solution

  • PC (accessible through your web browser)
  • Tablet or Smartphone (Android application)
  • Dedicated mobile terminal
  • Your own systems (by integration with our systems via our documented API)
  • PDQ (Credit card terminal) *under conditions


The tools of the modern marketing available to all!

  • Create campaigns (email, SMS, post) with just a few clicks
  • Precisely target the recipients (geographical criteria, consumption, date of birth…)
  • Customizable, mass communication (configurable fields)
  • Automate the communications within your relation with the clients
  • Perform satisfaction surveys

Statistics & Reports

Real-time data for an accurate controlling!

  • Members, purchasing behavior, communication reading…
  • Possibility to export the data for separate processing
  • Technical architecture created to secure your data (servers redundancy, regular backups)

Games & competitions

Liven up your community and offer attractive prizes!

  • Quizzes
  • Random draws/Lottery
  • Based or non-based on clients' consumption
  • Private function within a dedicated program

Loyalty Program

Deploy a loyalty program that meets your creativity!

  • The power of ADELYA allows the configuration of all types of programs, from the simplest rules to the most sophisticated.
  • Any detected event can serve as a trigger, for fine stimulation of your clients
  • The loyalty cards are physical or digital (the 2 types can go together in the same solution)
  • ADELYA can manage several loyalty programs on your client base

Pass Tourisme

Reinforce your territorial marketing with a dynamic Tourism Pass!

  • Ease of creation, sale and use of the Pass
  • Gain in operational time and facilitated management thanks to real-time statistics
  • Multiplied sales managing a network of resellers
  • A modern image with the contactless cards and the companion application to ease the usage
  • A simplification of the cash flows management

Gift cards

Offer a way to please!

  • Management of separable or non-separable gift cards
  • Use on a unique point of sale or closed network
  • Integrated or independent function
  • Technology of NFC cards or Bar Code 1D/2D
  • You are in control of the cash flows (private system)


A robust and scalable platform

Unlike specific software development that will take time to design and stabilise, Loyalty Operator is a shared software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that is immediately available. This rich and solid architecture combined with the responsiveness of the ADELYA teams makes it possible to benefit from a powerful solution with the best feature-to-price ratio and a highly accessible implementation budget.

The ADELYA R&D team is committed to upgrading products on an ongoing bases, and to the perfecting of a product that is upgraded three times a year. Thanks to the pooling of resources, our customers benefit from these new features at no extra cost!

Schema des technologies utilisées par Adelya

Simple and fast deployment with no cumbersome installation

It is precisely the Cloud which ensures that the complexity of an in-store deployment is avoided. You can access the Loyalty Operator platform from a simple Internet browser, without any cumbersome installation on your computer.

Once open, the Loyalty Operator platform naturally interfaces with all the electronic equipment at the retail outlet, including handhelds, scanners, NFC and other readers, IP payment terminals, NFC tablets and NFC smartphones. The choice of equipment is studied prior to the deployment of the solution in order for it to best fit your context.

With multi-media (contactless, 1D code, 2D code, digital) and multi-screen (PC, cash register system, tablet, smartphone) capabilities, Loyalty Operator offers your users relevant solutions whatever your environment, and whether it is homogeneous or not.

Configuration logic

Loyalty Operator follows a configuration logic, that is to say, it models your needs and enables you to manage the variety of equipment, the rights of users, your data and your specific rules, analyses and statistics, etc., based on your market.


Customised to your business, modelled on your organisation and integrated into your environment

Fidélisation sur-mesure

A programme that fits you

  • Tailormade and multilingual
  • Single- or multi-brand
  • Omnichannel for the entire customer journey
  • Integrable with your systems

Operational peace of mind

  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • Supported by an experienced team

A return on investment

  • Unbeatable feature-to-price ratio
  • Evolving platform (3 times a year)
  • Unlimited users, managed customers and emails sent

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