Adelya renforce sa présence sur des marchés ciblés en 2016 et affirme sa stratégie de distribution pour 2017.


L’entreprise Adelya, experte en fidélisation client et marketing interactif, a clôturé l’année 2016 en annonçant un accord industriel avec Emic, leader du lavage automobile, un accord commercial avec le Groupe Prosuma, plus gros retailer de Côte d’Ivoire, ainsi qu’un partenariat avec PagesJaunes. Ces signatures inscrivent Adelya comme l’acteur SaaS incontournable des solutions de fidélisation pour le commerce, pour qui 2017 sera l’année de consolidation de ses acquis.

La Bataille du Commerce, livre de Jean-François Novak, CEO d’Adelya


Jean-François Novak, Président fondateur et CEO d’Adelya, partage son expertise avec les commerçants indépendants souhaitant se lancer dans un projet numérique pour fidéliser collectivement leurs clients.

Jina Group chooses Adelya for its multi-brand loyalty program


Jina Group and Adelya have the common will to build a lasting and sincere partnership around the ambitious project of a multi-brand loyalty program. A project that will be deployed on the island of Reunion Island and potentially on the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Lancement du blog d’ADELYA « C’est bon à savoir »


Retrouvez désormais toutes les actualités d’Adelya, de la plateforme Loyalty Operator ainsi que des clients qui l’utilisent.

Adelya launches the loyalty card “Com’une” in Masevaux


The Association of Tradesmen and Artisans of Masevaux and the valley of Doller called on ADELYA’s services for the deployment of the loyalty card “Com’une”.

Adelya modernises the community loyalty program of the Valley of Munster


ADELYA, the expert society in customer relationship management, has been chosen by GRECO (Association of independent traders of the Valley of Munster) to modernize its community loyalty system.

ADELYA City-Pass: Every Tourism Office’s ally


In pursuit of their mission to breathe new life into local communities, Tourist Offices aremultiplying initiatives to encourage visitors to discover local heritage. By offering a unique package in a single card to visit multiple local points of interest, the dematerialized Tourism
Pass is a simple and effective tool for promotion, based on a win-win proposition: the tourist
saves money, while Pass partners benefit from an additional stream of visitors.
More and more territories attracted by this concept are looking for a solution that is quick to
deploy and easy to use. Buoyed by the success of tourism passes in Marseille, Nice and Toulouse, the ADELYA City-Pass was recently selected by Aix-en-Provence and for the entire Ardèche department.

The loyalty expert Adelya is expanding internationally


ADELYA, the French firm specializing in loyalty management systems, is setting out to conquer international markets. The company, which manages a multilingual online platform in SaaS mode, began its international expansion early in 2014 and intends to grow in EMEA. Facing growing demand from more and more customers, ADELYA is continuing to reach out beyond the borders of France. Exports already account for 15% of its revenues and the company intends to increase this share of sales to 30% between now and 2017.

The Business Unions are revitalising city centres.


Facing tough competition from e-commerce and hypermarkets, City Centers are arming themselves with a new tool to even the playing field: a territorial loyalty program. With this kind of program, citizens benefit directly from spending at their local retailers, they become active participants in their community and they build a closer relationship with their city.

The Ex&Co group entrusts its loyalty program to Adelya


ADELYA, the loyalty specialist for retailers and territories, has been chosen by the Ex & Co Group (Ex&Co Central purchasing agency grouping consumer electronics stores Expert and Connexion) to equip all of its 136 stores with a unique loyalty and customer relationship solution: Loyalty Operator.