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ADELYA S.A.S company was founded in November 2005

The french headquarter of the company is based in Labège – close to Toulouse, where the entire staff of the Company is located .

ADELYA is part of the cluster Digital Place from Toulouse, which is comprised of many high-tech companies. ADELYA is one of the pioneers of NFC in France and has equipped the majority of its clients with this technology. Since its foundation, the company has distinguished itself and specialized in the QR and NFC contactless technologies.

Jean-François Novak (Chairman), Mathieu Véron and Patricia Novak all come from the Cameleon Software Company (bought out by the American PROS in 2014), where Jean-François was one of the historical founders and Managing Director for more than 15 years. All these years the founders have acquired solid international experience in software publishing for sales assistance and CRM.

In 2006, mobile phones were mainly used for voice calls; data was expensive, very slow to load and the ergonomics of phones meant that there were few in color… The prehistory of the mobile phone!

The founders of ADELYA have bet that phones would be mobile terminals, allowing each person to stay in touch and to have easy access to Internet applications for a fixed price. 10 years on, the vision turned out to be exactly right!

Based on their vision, the founders have invested in the creation of an integrated software allowing touristic and business organizations, whatever their size and business, to implement a relational marketing and sales animation system around of “cards” concepts for a targeted market (Chains or Brands loyalty, subscriptions, club or membership cards, of tourist pass and multi-chains business pass).

Therefore ADELYA has created an online application services platform in SaaS mode that can be deployed and used easily by anyone in the world quickly, with the most competitive functionalities/price ratio positioning strategy in market. This platform aims to be accessible in all places via terminals connected to all types (PC, tablets, smartphones, payment terminals, interactive terminals…).

The main benefits provided by ADELYA is the acceleration of sales, business development, loyalty and reward, knowing its market and its clients.

At the present time ADELYA is equipping more than 20,000 points of sale in very different fields, businesses and various organizations, thus, representing 12 millions referenced members.

The Company has around twenty professionals of which 50% are dedicated to design and development of the product and 50% are in touch with the market as part of the sales and the implementation of the projects.

The design and the upgrades of the Loyalty Operator product functionalities are industrialized with an average of 4 software upgrades per year, from which all clients benefit immediately.

ADELYA has focused its development on France until 2012 and after that has extended itself internationally on a North/South axis targeting Europe and the African continent. ADELYA Loyalty Operator platform is translated in several languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. It can be very simply made available in any other language, fast and cost effectively.

ADELYA has designed and developed distribution tools that allow the autonomy of distribution and resale structures for its product in all countries. Its sales strategy is largely indirect and its purpose is to sustain partner companies that will generally distribute under their brands, their concepts and at their prices, the technology of ADELYA.

The international deployment is underway and ADELYA has no limit in its determination to bring to all merchants on the planet a complete and accessible solution in order to liven up their client bases by using the best of interactive and digital technologies.

“To give the marketing power of the big players in distribution to independent merchants” has always been a goal for the team at ADELYA and the ADELYA platform was designed in such a manner as to be able to procure the features of very diversified ecosystems.

The company is ready to forge alliances with all the long term structures wishing to launch a concept of “cards” in order to create a long-lasting or temporary link between them and their clients. This project can target a city, a territory, or a country. It can cover any type of professional players and any type of goods or services distribution organizations in the field of business or tourism.

Welcome to our universe and thank you for reading our history!